Saturday, September 1, 2012

Emery Chase is 2 months old!


I guess I am a once a month blogger now… not what I want to be but that’s just what life has made of me… I will get better pinky promise!

At 2 months Emery is a whoppin 11pounds and 1 ounce! she is in the 25th percentile for height and weight. She is eating 4 ounces every 3 hours except at night she USUALY not always but most days skips one bottle so she will go about 6 hours between bottle ….that my friend is a blessing! sleeping for 5 hours at a time does this girl a ton of good! Her rash on her face has gotten a ton better, now we have cradle cap which I can deal with much easier than that awful rash on her face. Emery is a very social girl already! She loves it when we talk to her she smiles and coos…that melts a mommies heart! She is still staying at home with friends and family until October which means she will be super duper spoiled when she  goes to school….oops!

Nate is having a little trouble adjusting to all the changes in life lately but I know this too shall pass, I just hope it passes quickly! It all started a few weeks ago when he was still at his old school so it actually has been a while now but he got on the red light which he had never done before we talked to him and he did much better.That was followed by acting out in Sunday school and getting in trouble. More recent he has had some rough days at school. He got  a bad note sent home for the first time ever which made me cringe! He was “punching his friends in the face” “pushing/shoving” and being ugly to his teacher.  Before that he was having trouble keeping his pants dry at school…..sigh  And on top of that he moved up to the Cubbies class Sunday night church and the first day of that he wasn’t so good either he wasn’t staying in his seat and following directions and yet again he was hitting his friends…. so what to do? We spank, we talk to him, we have done timeout and we just recently started taking things away until he is better.

I know he has had a lot of changes lately and I am sure he is just trying to figure out this crazy thing we call life! At home…well the obvious he has a new sister and is learning to share Mom and Dad and their time! I am sure this is enough change to make a 3 year old act out …but on top of that He changed schools August 20th. He is now going to preschool at our  church so he has all new friends and teachers and a new schedule but that’s not it!  Aug 19th was promotional Sunday at church so this means he moved to a new class room for Sunday school and night church. With the same friends and some of the same teachers … so I am just hoping he will adjust and settle in quickly!

But guess what….

nate roll tide

He is still cute as ever!

oh and its game day, ROLL TIDE!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Emery Chase is 1 month old!


I can not even believe my baby is ONE MONTH old! What how? I cant believe its time to take her first month to month picture! These little stickers are so cute you just put a white onesie on the baby and put the sticker on and wha-la!! I remember when I ordered these Shane and I were on the way to NOLA for the national championship game and I was board so I took a look at Etsy and found them. I thought they were pretty gender neutral at the time but now that I look at them they are a little more on the girl side! But anyway I think they are presh!


At one month  Emery is eating 3 oz every 3 hours. She is a very easy baby, she only cries if she is hungry, dirty or sleepy. Emery likes to be held! and I take full responsibility for that, I know that we wont have another new born around here for a few years so I am soaking it in! Emery sleeps in her Nap Nanny which she loves! at night she sleeps from 6:30-9:30 and is up until 12:30 which then she goes back to sleep until 4:30 and Nate gets up at 6:30.. so a little sleep deprived we are but would not trade it for anything!! I am still pumping so she is a breast milk fed baby for now. Emery weighted 8.5 at her 2 weeks checkup. She has Erythema Toxicum… which is just a rash on her face that there is no treatment for but it looks awful! the Dr.s said it would bother me more than it does her so we are just waiting it out for now, it should be cleared up by 4 months…. hopefully before.

I have gone back to work (BOOO HOOO) and she is staying at home with family and friends! She doesn’t seem to mind that either. She can start daycare at 3 months so we will be tossing her around until October!

I guess that’s all the updates I have on her now on to Nate.. he LOVES her! He is such a great big brother and  wants everyone to see his baby. The only issue we are having is… well his behavior when we are not around like at school and church nursery. He got in trouble at church a few Sundays ago for snatching and pitching a fit at the teacher when she tried to tell him what to do… of course I was mortified when the director came up to us and told us he had a bad day…We went home and talked it over and felt pretty good that he understood that’s not how we act, Well maybe he forgot but Monday(the very next day) he got on the…are you ready for this…. RED LIGHT at school! I didn’t even know they had lights and here he is getting a UH O! note home about being on the red light… broke my heart, upset my feelings, and tested my patients all at the same time! That day he was pushing and hit a kid in the face…devastated I was! I do not want him treating others ugly and I don’t want him to be THAT kid…. you know that the teachers think is awful! so we had a nice talk and maybe a spanking or two and he has been a lot better so praying he keeps up the good attitude!


Friday, July 6, 2012

My how fast things change!

We welcomed out sweet baby girl into this world 9 days ago! She came into this world beautiful as she could be  and she didn’t wait around either this girl came on out! She was born at 11:55 am  after only pushing for about 25 minutes! When her brother was born I pushed for 2.5 hours and he wasn’t born until 5:41 pm! I had 2 very different pregnancy's and 2 very different deliveries! Strange huh?!  and now you are thinking what does the title have to do with this… nothing ha but hey I can ramble I have a new born !

When I went to pick Nate up from school on Tuesday he  was so excited to see me, the feeling was mutual UNTIL… in front of everyone he says “mom you have a baby in your belly?” I smiled and said “ no remember she came out, she is waiting on you in the car with dad” and he looks confused and POINTS at my belly and says” OH that’s just food?” … mortified I was! Now keep in mind this was 6 days post deliver… I WAS feeling good about my self I mean I had showered and was out and about… but obviously I wasn’t as awesome looking as I felt HA! Then I realized things have changed.. Isn't it weird that when you get pregnant or when I do anyway I cant wait to stop sucking in (HA) and I cant wait for people to notice my “belly bump” and now after delivery I am trying to find anything to wear that makes me look skinny another HA! and just HOPE no one asks when I am due! well leave it to my 3 year old to point out the obvious! ha! I love him anyway!

So there is you a laugh for the day!

ANNNNND because NO post is complete with out a picture…


Monday, July 2, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

36 weeks down 20 days to go…..

Remember this…. 13 weeks


Now take a peak at this….what a difference 23 weeks makes!

36 weeks

Now maybe you are looking at the title of tonight's post and thinking… ok 36 weeks down 20 days to go does not make 40 weeks and how can she be so sure… Well let me start by saying I didn’t ask for your opinion on being induced… ok So how I can be so sure is I have the most awesome Dr. on earth and he has set my induction for June 27th……… yea I hear you thinking oh my gosh she is a month away and has an induction set in the books, that’s not a good idea, that’s not letting nature take its course blah blah blah! But my Dr. rocks and that’s how we roll!  I was induced at 39 weeks with Nate and we decided that would be the route we take again… of course if bambino wants to come on its on before then that’s fine with this momma!

So I went last Monday for my check up and I am half a cm dilated… sounds like nothing to me but whatever I am just along for the ride, baby was head down and heart rate was 145! I am now going to the doc every week!  I can not wait to call this baby by its name and stop calling it IT! ha

We have finished the nursery for now here is your peak at it


I loved how it turned out!

We are ready for our new family member to arrive! I have defiantly seen some changes in Nate's behavior which I am hoping wont last long, I know he doesn’t understand why I cant pick him up or get in the floor with him like I have in the past. I am praying for him daily I am sure he is going to do fine I just  don’t want him to feel left out or unloved … sounds dumb when I type it but for real yall I just want him to adjust quick and love his sibling! so feel free to pray for  him too! This weekend he is going to spend some time on the farm at Uma and Mypops while Shane and I finish getting everything settled before the BIRTHday!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Our new ride


Last night I put this together all by my self!! I bought this at dirt cheap last JUNE… so yea maybe I jumped the gun but in the long run it saved us some moola! I paid $130 for the Chicco key fit travel system that retails for  $270+tax! Everything was in the box and nothing was damaged!! Whoop whoop reason 10000000 why I love dirt cheap!!

What a big girl I am!  Well not for putting it together but literally I am a big girl… I am 5 lbs. away from the weight I was when I delivered Nate…. ouch!(I did start off heavier this time if that counts?!) 9 weeks left I think I will pass it. Oh well what is a girl to do? EAT!! I am loving to eat these days.

We are getting ready to go to the beach for a week and I cant wait. We are going to enjoy our last family vacation as the  3 of us. Crazy to think next time I see the beach after we get back I will be a mother of 2… when did I grow up?!or did I ?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

28 week baby check up

Monday was my 28 week check up which is also when I took my one hour glucose test. I was not expecting to pass it I didn’t with Nate and I don’t know many people that do so ye of little faith here had made up my mind that why would this time be any different?! …Well to my surprise I PASSED.. like really passed my sugar was 110 and had to be 135 or under WOOO WHOOO GO  ME GO ME.. I thought about hugging the nurse but trust me she would NOT have appreciated it… which by the way if you hate your job or people in general here is an idea quit or get a job where you don’t have to deal with the public, and really if I didn’t like dealing with people on a daily basis then  the OBGYN would probably be a last resort job just saying.  Anywho that little nurse wasn’t going to get me down! When she checked my iron it was 1 point low so I am now taking a iron pill once a day and that should do the trick… oh just a little fyi I learned after I got home and googled low iron in pregnancy… did you know ONE adult dosage can be fatal to a child… which absolutely freaked my freak one because Nate is here and if he gets a hold of them I would freak and two if one adult dosage is so bad for a child why is it good for me to take it when I have a baby inside of me that supposedly “gets everything I eat”…humm just a random mommy thought for you!

After the Dr. check up Brooke and I had lunch at City CafĂ©... it was delish if I do say so myself! And of course ran to baby bundles because that’s always a must if I am down town. I love that store If I was just rich right?! but I did find a gender neutral gown that I had to have it is so sweet and soft! 

O guess that’s all of my post today, a friend from church is having her baby this afternoon and I am super excited to snuggle a newborn!! cant wait to meet baby Cooper!!

Here is a picture from Easter I have not done so well on weekly or even monthly belly pics so this will have to do even though you cant really tell how big my tummy is!


Oh and this mama wants a new pair of shoes…how cute are these???!


that’s all of my random thoughts! thanks for hanging on till the end of this crazy boring post! toodles