Saturday, September 1, 2012

Emery Chase is 2 months old!


I guess I am a once a month blogger now… not what I want to be but that’s just what life has made of me… I will get better pinky promise!

At 2 months Emery is a whoppin 11pounds and 1 ounce! she is in the 25th percentile for height and weight. She is eating 4 ounces every 3 hours except at night she USUALY not always but most days skips one bottle so she will go about 6 hours between bottle ….that my friend is a blessing! sleeping for 5 hours at a time does this girl a ton of good! Her rash on her face has gotten a ton better, now we have cradle cap which I can deal with much easier than that awful rash on her face. Emery is a very social girl already! She loves it when we talk to her she smiles and coos…that melts a mommies heart! She is still staying at home with friends and family until October which means she will be super duper spoiled when she  goes to school….oops!

Nate is having a little trouble adjusting to all the changes in life lately but I know this too shall pass, I just hope it passes quickly! It all started a few weeks ago when he was still at his old school so it actually has been a while now but he got on the red light which he had never done before we talked to him and he did much better.That was followed by acting out in Sunday school and getting in trouble. More recent he has had some rough days at school. He got  a bad note sent home for the first time ever which made me cringe! He was “punching his friends in the face” “pushing/shoving” and being ugly to his teacher.  Before that he was having trouble keeping his pants dry at school…..sigh  And on top of that he moved up to the Cubbies class Sunday night church and the first day of that he wasn’t so good either he wasn’t staying in his seat and following directions and yet again he was hitting his friends…. so what to do? We spank, we talk to him, we have done timeout and we just recently started taking things away until he is better.

I know he has had a lot of changes lately and I am sure he is just trying to figure out this crazy thing we call life! At home…well the obvious he has a new sister and is learning to share Mom and Dad and their time! I am sure this is enough change to make a 3 year old act out …but on top of that He changed schools August 20th. He is now going to preschool at our  church so he has all new friends and teachers and a new schedule but that’s not it!  Aug 19th was promotional Sunday at church so this means he moved to a new class room for Sunday school and night church. With the same friends and some of the same teachers … so I am just hoping he will adjust and settle in quickly!

But guess what….

nate roll tide

He is still cute as ever!

oh and its game day, ROLL TIDE!!

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  1. He IS still as cute as ever!!! He will adjust, promise!